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There are approximately 160,000 real estate parcels in Butler County and the Auditor's Office appraises each for tax purposes. Farm properties may be eligible for the CAUV program. See more on this program by clicking the CAUV/Agriculture link at left or scroll lower when using a mobile device.

The Auditor’s Office is open during regular business hours, 8 a.m-4:30 p.m. The Conveyance Desk closes for business at 3:30 daily.

We encourage people to take advantage of our website and we are always available by phone during regular business hours at 513-887-3154.


2023 Triennial Update of Property Values

General Information

Every three years there is either a full state-mandated reappraisal of all properties in the county or there is a state-mandated triennial update of property values based on sales ratio studies. Butler County's last full reappraisal was in 2020 and 2023 is a triennial update year. The update won't be completed until late in the year.

- State Recommends 42 Percent Value Increase


2020 Property Reappraisal

General Information

Property Update 2020: A Guide

Board of Revision: A Guide to Filing

- Auditor Formally Appealing State Tax Commissioner Order (Dec. 30, 2020)

- Auditor Continues Fight Against Higher Taxes (Dec. 10, 2021)

- Board of Tax Appeals Orders 2020 Value Increase (Sept. 15, 2022)

Real Estate - Tax Accounting

Owners/Sales Reports
- Butler County Property Sales Last 90 Days  
- Butler County Property Sales Last 360 Days
- Butler County Property Owners (All)

Taxes and Rates
- Tax Rate Schedules for Butler County by Tax Districts 
- Tax Increment Financing/Residential Incentive Agreements
- Remission of Penalty
Property Tax Exemption & Remission
Razed/Damaged/Destroyed Property Information
Special Assessments
Board of Revision (appealing property value)

Appraiser Berkley Rose helps lead a town hall meeting concerning property values and the appeal process.

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