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2023 Triennial Update Information Below

There are approximately 160,000 real estate parcels in Butler County and the Auditor's Office appraises each for tax purposes. Farm properties may be eligible for the CAUV program. See more on this program by clicking the CAUV/Agriculture link at left or scroll lower when using a mobile device.

2023 Triennial Update of Property Values

General Information

Every three years there is either a full state-mandated reappraisal of all properties in the county or there is a state-mandated triennial update of property values based on sales ratio studies. Butler County's last full reappraisal was in 2020 and 2023 is a triennial update year. The update won't be completed until late in the year.

- Triennial 2023: A Guide (brochure)

- FAQ about 2023 Triennial Update

- CAUV 2023: A Guide (brochure)

- CAUV 2023: Informative Slides

- State Recommends 42 Percent Value Increase

- Butler Value Increases Meet State Demands

Triennial Update Information Discussed at Town Halls

Butler County Auditor Nancy Nix scheduled a series of five town halls across the county during the month of October to discuss the state-mandated triennial update of property values in 2023. More than 600 residents attended the meetings, which were held in Middletown, Fairfield,  West Chester, Hamilton, and Oxford. A CAUV-focused Town Hall was held Nov. 9 and more than 100 attended. See links to videos and slides shared during the town halls, as well as other information, below.

Town Hall YouTube video (taped in Middletown)

Town Hall WCTV (recorded in West Chester)

Town Hall Presentation Slides (.pdf)

Town Hall Slides, Hamilton (.pdf)

Role of Appraisers video

Auditor Nancy Nix, staff members and state lawmakers participate in a town hall meeting concerning the state-mandated 2023 triennial update of property values.

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