Overview of the Auditor’s Office/Contact List

Your County Auditor has several important responsibilities, including:
- Serving as chief fiscal officer of county government;
- Sealing gas pumps, scales and other measuring devices;
- Appraisal and assessment of property;
- Licensing dogs, vendors, and others;
- Calculating taxes and administering assessments;
- Administering tax exemptions for senior citizens, the disabled, charities, and churches; 
- Distributing money to schools and local governments;

For more detail please review some of our brochures by clicking on these links:
An Overview of the Auditor’s Office
Explaining Ohio’s Homestead Exemption

Additional information is available within our departments.

Office Contact Email
The Contact Us link is in the web site header above or by clicking here. These emails are regularly checked Monday through Friday from 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Office Phone List
If you would rather contact someone by telephone our phone list is below.


Lori Sullivan, Chief Deputy Auditor 513-785-6547
David Brown, Communications Manager 513-887-3159
Mike Stein, Real Estate Director 513- 785-5135
Tax Accounting  
Julie Lepsky 513-887-3139
Chasity McAnulty 513-785-6734
Tax Rates/Settlements/Budget Commission  
Mike Stein 513-785-5135
Board of Revision  
Olivia Price 513-887-3150
Nicci Sczurek, Conveyance/Homestead Supervisor 513-887-3042
Jillian Berger 513-887-3144
Valerie Meece 513-785-5104
Samantha Williams  513-887-3142
Homestead Exemption  
Carol Ryan 513-887-3040
Kellie Isaacs 513-785-6314
Mike Gildea 513-785-6735
Tom Morrisey 513-785-5807
Berkley Rose 513-887-3953
Brian Stewart 513-887-3569
Justin Campbell 513-785-5326
Mike Wright 513-785-6731
Rob Jesse 513-785-5116
Chasity McAnulty 513-785-6734
CAUV (Agriculture Value)  
Berkley Rose 513-887-3953
GIS Mapping  
Mike Wright 513-785-6731
Nicci Sczurek, Licensing Supervisor 513-887-3042
Jill Cole, Finance Director 513-887-3155
Accounts Payable  
Lynnette Cameron 513-887-3185
Jennifer Manning 513-887-3156
Jake Metzler 513-785-6742
Alex Brehm 513-887-3578
Scott Batts, Project Manager 513-887-3419
Benefits Administrator  
Jake Metzler 513-785-6742
Julie Frederick 513-887-3123
Gina Rosmarin     513-785-6752
Cole Perdue, Weights & Measures Manager 513-785-6318


                 Butler County Auditor
                 130 High Street
                 Hamilton, OH  45011

                 Map Location


                 Board of Commissioners

Office Hours
8:00 AM - 4:30 PM, Mon. - Fri.

Conveyance Desk
closes daily at 3:30 PM

Phone: 513-887-3154