The Auditor’s Office will remain open during regular business hours, 8 a.m-4:30 p.m. We have reduced face-to-face contact with the public but have set up a document drop off zone on the third floor.

We encourage people to take advantage of our website and we are always available by phone at 513-887-3154.

Note: The State Department of Taxation has revised the form DTE 100 Real Property Conveyance Fee Statement of Value and Receipt. This revised form is available below and on the Forms page of this web site. As of January 1, 2021, transfers requiring this form will be rejected if an older version without the bar code is submitted.


Real Estate Conveyance Department

This department is in charge of transferring all real estate that changes ownership in the county and collecting fees and taxes on this activity. They maintain all ownership records, acreage changes, real estate splits and provide information for maintaining tax plat maps.

The Auditor is also in charge of administering the Current Agricultural Use Value program which allows farm land to be taxed at its value for that use. Agricultural districts and forest certification are other duties.

Our Conveyance desk closes at 3:30 PM daily.

Real Estate Conveyance Standards:

Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code (ORC) 319.203, adopted February 16, 1996, the Butler County Auditor and the Butler County Engineer adopted written standards for the conveyance of real property.

The complete Standards for Conveyance of Real Property is available for review and download here.

The purpose of transferring deeds through the Auditor is:

1) To maintain an accurate record of property ownership and parcel identity.

2) To collect an accurate conveyance fee required by Ohio Revised Code (ORC) Sections 319.20 and 322.02.

Tax maps are maintained by the Butler County Engineer on behalf of the Butler County Commissioners for the benefit of the Board of Revision and the Auditor. The maps are kept in the Auditor's Office (ORC 5713.09). The County Recorder cannot record deeds unless they are first endorsed as transferred by the Auditor (ORC 317.22).

Auditor's Procedures

Based upon ORC 319.203, the Auditor cannot transfer any conveyance that does not comply with the standards adopted by the Auditor and the Engineer.

These standards apply to any document presented to the Auditor under ORC 319.20 that conveys title to real property. Such documents are commonly referred to as "deeds," but may be identified by different names.

If you have not yet reviewed the Standards, please do so.

Conveyance Standards Documentation

Conveyance standards involve two primary areas of documentation; Property records maintained by the Auditor, and; Legal descriptions interpreted by both the Auditor and the Engineer.

General Provisions

The Auditor cannot transfer any conveyance that does not comply with these standards (ORC 319.203), and the Recorder cannot record any deed unless it is transferred by the Auditor (ORC 317.22). Neither the Auditor nor the Engineer is responsible for the preparation or accuracy of deeds, affidavits, and similar instruments that transfer title to real property. Under these conditions both offices will make a good faith effort to help with the transfer of property by providing forms, explaining procedures, and executing endorsements and approvals within a reasonable time frame, but any document that fails to comply will be returned to its author for correction. The Auditor reserves the right, however, to make notations on documents that effect the Auditor's domain under ORC 319.203 and transfer a conveyance that might otherwise fail to comply because of an obvious or insignificant error.  

Conveyance Fees on Real Estate

Effective April 16, 2003:
By Resolution No. 03-3-414 adopted by the Butler County Commissioners, the real estate conveyance fee for Butler County is $0.30 per hundred dollars ($3.00 per thousand dollars) of the sale price. The fee is based upon each $100.00 of sale price or fraction there of, therefore all sale prices must be rounded up to the next $100.00. 

Conveyance Fee history:
• June 1968 and prior: $0.11 per hundred dollars ($1.10 per thousand)
• July 1968 - March 3, 1991: $0.10 per hundred dollars ($1.00 per thousand)
• March 4, 1991 - June 16, 1999: $0.20 per hundred dollars ($2.00 per thousand)
• June 17, 1999 - April 15, 2003: $0.23 per hundred dollars ($2.30 per thousand)
• April 16, 2003 – present:   $0.30 per hundred dollars ($3.00 per thousand) 

For additional conveyance fee information contact our office at 513-887-3154. The Conveyance desk closes at 3:30 p.m. daily.

Download DTE FORM 100 fillable The Real Property Conveyance Fee Statement.
Download DTE FORM 100(EX) fillable The Statement of Reason for Exemption from Real Property.  
Download the DTE 101 Statement of Conveyance of Homestead Property. To be attached to Conveyance Fee Forms, DTE 100, 100(EX), 100M & 100M(EX).
Download the DTE 102 Statement of Conveyance of Current Agricultural Use Valuation Property.  To be attached to Conveyance Fee Forms, DTE 100 & DTE 100(EX).

Frequently Asked Questions for Real Estate Conveyance

Conveyance Fees on Used Manufactured Homes 

The seller of a used mobile home is required to fill out a conveyance fee statement and submit this statement to the Auditor's Office before the Clerk of Courts can transfer title (RC 319.202). Along with the conveyance fee statement, the seller is required to pay a conveyance fee equal to ten cents ($0.10) per hundred dollars ($1.00 per thousand) of the sale price, or fraction thereof (RC 319.54).  The mobile home conveyance is executed in the Mobile Home Division, Butler County Auditor's Office, 130 High St. 3rd floor, Hamilton, Ohio 45011. Please call (513)887-3135 for information or directions.

The sale of a used mobile home is not subject to Ohio sales tax if it was notarized after Jan. 1, 2000.

The Conveyance desk closes at 3:30 p.m. daily.

Download DTE 100M Fill In, the Manufactured and Mobile Home Conveyance Fee Statement. (Fillable form)
Download DTE 100M(EX) the Statement of Reason for Exemption from Manufactured and Mobile Home Conveyance Fee. (Fillable form)
Download DTE 101 Statement of Conveyance of Homestead Property. To be attached to Conveyance Fee Forms, DTE 100, 100(EX), 100M & 100M(EX).

Click here for additional information and Forms regarding Manufactured Homes.

Frequently Asked Questions


Splits/Plats/Combination Fees and Information

Fees: $0.50 for each new parcel being created. For plats, we do not charge a fee for parcels that are being created for common area or garages that are included with the unit or are part of the limited common area.

All documents presented to our office indicating a “split” must have the proper approval stamp(s) on the document before we can process. 

City Splits
All city splits must have approval from that city's planning department.

Township splits
All splits in a township must have planning approval from the Butler County Planning Department. Splits in the townships of: West Chester, Liberty, Fairfield, St. Clair, Morgan and Wayne are required to have both the Butler County Planning approval stamp and the township approval stamp on the document before we can complete processing.  

The plat process in our office can take up to a week to complete. We complete plats in the order which they are received.

Before a combination can be completed by our office, the name(s) on each mother parcel must be identical. Any variation in the name(s) will result in the combination being rejected. Documentation will be required to transfer the parcel(s) into the correct name(s) for the combination to be completed.

All combinations located within a city require approval from that particular city planning department. West Chester Township, Liberty Township, Fairfield Township, St. Clair Township, Morgan Township and Wayne Township require planning approval from each of their planning departments. 

Miami University (College Land Parcels)

College Lands
Before a transfer can be completed that is indicated as “college lands”, you must have an approval stamp from the University. You can obtain this stamp from Miami University’s Oxford campus at 218 Roudebush Hall. Contact Miami at 513-529-4226 for additional information.

Parcels that indicate college lands which need university approval begin with: B1100, F2700, H3510, H3520, H3700, H3900 and H4000.

Deeded Lands
When parcels are annexed from “college lands” to “deeded lands” Miami University will provide a deed indicating the parcel is no longer subject to their approval. When this deed is submitted to our office, we change the parcel number/s to indicate deeded lands as follows:

College Lands            Deeded Lands
B1100                          B1010
F2700                          F2610
H3510                         H3610
H3520                         H3620
H3700                         H3700
H3900                         H3800
H4000                         H4100

The Auditor’s office requires an exemption form DTE 100(EX) to be completed for each Miami University deed presented.

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