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Dog Licensing Overview

Butler County licenses over 35,000 dogs per year.  Not only is the license required by law, it ensures your dog a free ride home.  When the deputy dog wardens find a licensed dog running loose, they can look up the information and make sure your dog is returned to you safe and sound.

State law changed effective Dec. 1, 2013 allowing for the purchase of 1-year, 3-year or permanent dog tags. Those wishing to purchase a 3-year tag ($42) or a permanent tag ($140) should do so directly through the Auditor's Office. Only 1-year tags may be purchased Online or through our agents.

If you have not licensed your dog yet, click here to purchase your tags Online or print the application available above and mail in with your payment to:

Butler County Auditor

130 High St., 3rd floor

Hamilton, OH 45011



Purchasing a Duplicate Tag

If your dog has lost its tag, duplicate tags are available for purchase from the Auditor's Office. Due to a change in state law, as of 5/22/2012 duplicate tags increased to $5 each.  You can photocopy your original receipt, so that we have your tag number.  Include $5 with that copy and send that along with a self addressed stamped envelope to the address above.  Or you can come in and get one in person, it will only take a few minutes.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us at (513) 887-3043.

Transferring a Dog License

If you have given away or sold a dog that has a current license, you can transfer the license to the new owner. Due to a change in state law, as of 5/22/2012 the cost to transfer a dog license increased to $5.  There is a form listed above that you can fill in and mail to our office.

Loss of a Beloved Pet

If you have lost a dog due to death, please inform us as soon as possible at (513) 887-3043. If we receive this information before November 1 we won't mail out a renewal notice reminder for that particular dog. If you get a new dog you will need to purchase a new tag for the new dog. 

Change of Address

If you move, please call and give us your correct information at (513) 887-3043.  Remember that the dog license is linked to your address.  You want to be sure that the information is correct, should you be separated from your pet. 

Kennel License Information

Requirements for a Kennel under the Butler County, Ohio Rural Zoning Resolution, which applies to the following six townships - Hanover, Lemon, Madison, Milford, Oxford, Ross, are:

  • Shall have direct access to a major arterial or to a collector street.
  • The site shall not contain fewer than ten (10) acres.
  • Any building for this use shall be located not less than 300 feet from any property line.
  • Landscaping plan for the external use of the kennel to effectively screen such use shall be submitted to the board of zoning appeals for approval

Residents of these six townships applying for the first time for a kennel license must present a letter from their local zoning board confirming the above requirements have been met.

Other townships and municipalities may have different requirements. The Auditor's Office requires a letter confirming that the location of the kennel meets local zoning regulations before a kennel license will be issued for the first time.

Cost of a kennel license is $70.00 per year as long as the license is renewed by January 31, this includes 5 dog licenses. After January 31 there is a $70.00 penalty for all renewals. Up to 5 additional licenses may be purchased for $1.00 each.

Dangerous Dog Registration 

Per state statute, the County Auditor is required to issue a dangerous dog registration certificate and a dangerous dog tag to a person who is the owner of a dangerous dog, who is 18 years of age or older, and who provides a fee of $50 and certain specified information. The owner of a dog who is issued a dangerous dog registration certificate is required to renew the dog’s registration certificate annually for the same fee and in the same manner as the initial certificate was obtained. 

For more details on the dangerous dog law please see the links below titled New Ohio Law Concerning Vicious Dogs and Analysis of Sub H.B. 14.

Butler County Rural Zoning Resolution


Commercial Dog Breeders Act, Effective March 13, 2013


New Ohio Law Concerning Vicious Dogs, Effective May 22, 2012


Analysis of Sub. H.B. 14 (Vicious Dog Law)


 Sampling of Ohio Laws Dealing with Dogs


Considering a dog purchase?

Perhaps you don't yet have a dog or are in the market for a new dog. For your convenience, the below links will take you to Web sites that may help you decide on the dog breed that would be right for you.







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